Welcome to the Dominican Republic

Hello everyone! Welcome to this blog where we will take you on a virtual tour across this beautiful caribbean island, a paradise close in our hearts and at the same time far away (although not that much!) on the maps.

We will talk about tourism, of course; about the fascinating hotels next to wonderful beaches surrounded by palm trees, about visiting colonial cities full of history, about food and cuisine with a caribbean twist...

We will also talk about landscapes and corners of the country little known by mass tourism, but full of beauty and authenticity, and of course about the Dominican people, their sympathy and their envy to live life with true caribbean joy.

Finally, for those who are seriously thinking about relocating in the Dominican Republic, we will be posting useful information about housing and real estate.

Also: Maps, information about dominican cities and useful tips about subjects such as travel, visas, work permits, and of course education, health and medical assistance.

And many more things: be patient as we will be doing our best to make comments and ask questions, as we will answer as soon as we can.

Welcome to Quisqueya!

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Carin said...

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