A few useful tips

Emergency phone: 711

Equivalences between US measures and metric measures (both being often used in Dominican Republic):

1 ft = 0,3048m. 1 meter = 3,2808 ft

1 pound (often used for food) = 453,6 grams

1 US gallon (often used for petrol) = 3,785 liters

1 tarea = 627,27 square meters (old surface measurement unit, used in agriculture).

Electricity: 110V, 60 Hz, American type plug (2 flat blades). European appliances will require a transformer and a plug adaptor. Small electric devices like shaving machines or hairdryers will probably need only the plug adaptor, as many of them can run on 110 or 220V just turning a little switch. Laptops actually include the transformer so you only need the plug adaptor (available at any electricity shop).

TV signal system also follows American standards (NTSC). Most modern TV sets are able to display signals in any of the main systems, so they will work here, although you'll probably need to change some settings.

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